Open Letter

Hi, I’m Maria Rees, and my passion is helping any entrepreneur and  small businesses take their business to a whole other level.  We have developed through our years a phenomenal networking that can on the most part meet every need to assist you to be successful.

The back history to the birthing of VAU in 2011 was because challenges in one of my child’s life that I had to become a caregiver for yet I also knew I had to work. I searched and searched and looked into different options that would allow me to stay in the field I was in yet generate enough consistent income to be able to work at home controlling my schedule.

Then I thought about approaching the company that I worked for many years to become a contractor instead of an employee. I was clearly showing them how much money they would be saving by not paying employee taxes, benefits, hours not filled with work and using less square footage for office space so that square footage could make money for them. The rest is history, and they are still my client.

In the years I have had MLR VA Solutions T/A Virtual Assist Us, not only have I had the pleasure of working with numerous exciting clients in several industries, but I’ve been able to put all of my skills to use.

The Virtual Assist Us team provides administrative services virtually. What does that mean? Simply put we assist you as the business owner or sole proprietor, to focus on generating revenue for your company. Have your administrative tasks completed by Virtual Assist Us without assuming costs of having to hire and train, pay for benefits and pay for square footage to create space for an employee when this square footage can be saving you money or earning you money.

Virtual Assist Us offers you a tailored range of virtual administrative service to suite your business needs.

Our virtual assistants are all highly-trained professionals. All businesses and sole proprietors that choose Virtual Assist Us are assured a dedicated team member assigned to your company and will complete administrative tasks as instructed.

So with Virtual Assist Us, you get:

• An assigned a personal VA to your account to learn all the tasks that you need for them to undertake and a sub-VA that will be able to jump in when time off is required.

• Utilizing CRM, invoicing/time tracker for projects worked on, ticket system for clients to log tasks that need to be addressed and so much more. You have control of your business, regardless of where you are

• Giving you your time back by taking some of the daily operations off of you so that you can focus on growing your business.

Bottom line Virtual Assist Us makes sure that your company continues to run under your instruction, at a fraction of the cost when compared to hiring your full-time staff.

We look forward to hearing from you, please email

Office number is 302-246-5085 ask for Maria Rees look forward to speaking with you.

Maria Rees

Maria Rees

CEO of Virtual Assist Us